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Josh Seiden

Author of Lean UX

Spencer is a talented and unique individual. He's a designer with broad skills beyond design. He's a product guy who gets people. He's a technologist who understands design. His experience working at the intersection of these disciplines gives him a rare empathy and insight. His skill in agile and lean methods makes him a practical, grounded problem solver. And his experience brings the wisdom you need.

Randy Silver

Product Consultant

Spencer supercharged the career development and the quality of work being done by members of my team. Coaching someone who was UX-curious, he helped turn them into a burgeoning Service Designer, in the process transforming how the entire team works together.

Nikolina Luac

Founder and CEO

Spencer is excellent at what he does.

He helped us to finally reframe our hard science product into an appealing consumer proposition.

Spencer worked with us to design and deliver online workshops, helping us understand and prioritise our customer segments, define our value proposition, refine our membership offering and improve our content clarity.

Adrian Howard

Lean, Agile, Product, UX - Coach and Facilitator

Spencer's passion for building the best possible products and services really showed when I worked with him. His facility in multiple disciplines means that he's a fantastic communicator and collaborator across the whole organisation.

Sam Whiting

Director of Product

Apart from just being an end to end encyclopaedia on developing digital products, Spencer is by a significant margin the best person I’ve worked with at creating products and tools that people engage with (in the right way).”

Alan Gardner

Engineering Principal

Spencer has a keen instinct for finding the right problem to solve and a talent for leading discovery towards the right solutions.

Laser focused on value, he helps teams concentrate on aligning their output with the big picture, keeping the user front and centre throughout.

Alasdair MacCormick

Business Architect, Government Transformation

Spencer really helped us understand, visualise and communicate both where we were in our digital transformation journey and where we wanted to be, to our senior management team and ultimately the teams tasked with solving the individual problems.

He challenged us to be more forward thinking in our customer research and took the time to speak to all areas of the business to thoroughly understand the processes, people and politics involved in change, coaching in lean approaches and fostering cross-departmental collaboration.

Rebekah Wooley

Product Specialist

Spencer was initially brought in to provide UX and discovery coaching for our product team. Throughout these sessions, Spencer excellently managed our group, facilitating in a way that gave all members the chance to contribute. Spencer was able to identify opportunities for individuals to develop their skills and took the time to recommend additional resources.

We used the sessions with Spencer to guide us through a real discovery project we were undertaking. This approach proved to be very successful as Spencer was able to demonstrate different techniques and show us how to apply these in a way that felt tangible. As a result of these sessions, there is a growing enthusiasm in the team for our product and what we may be able to achieve.

The coaching sessions proved to be such a success that Spencer was subsequently asked to work with our team to help us build out documentation and a service map. Spencer’s warm, intuitive approach to people is proving invaluable in building buy-in from internal stakeholders and unlocking valuable insights. I look forward to working more with Spencer over the coming months!

Rob Calvert

Product Leader, Advisor and Coach

I hired Spencer as a Lean Product coach and consultant. He has a fantastic, deep understanding of Lean principles and product development as a whole.

That's a great thing to draw on in itself, but when combined with years of experience - and being an all-round good chap - it's a combination that is a huge benefit to any individual or organisation.

Alastair Williamson Pound

Senior Product Manager

Spencer is an absolutely great Principal Product Manager. He has a keen passion for helping people really understand and identify their own and their client's needs.

He very cleverly facilitates the process of building a clear plan forwards that pretty much becomes the baseline to the project.

Enrique Comba Riepenhausen

Independent Consultant and Coach

Spencer's ability to ask questions, understand users needs and transform them into a second to none user experience is absolutely mind blowing. His attention to detail, care and love of his work makes him one of the most valued UX professionals I have ever come across.

I would recommend Spencer to any team, entrepreneur or agency looking for a world class user experience in their application or product!

Steve Tooke

Author and Senior Product Manager

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Spencer. He takes time to understand a client's needs, and he puts the focus squarely on the user.

Spencer is an asset to any team and his passion for building the best possible products and services really showed when I worked with him. His facility in multiple disciplines means that he's a fantastic communicator and collaborator across the whole organisation.

Damon Davidson

Software Engineer

Spencer's a great asset since he can do anything in the design "stack".

In past projects, we totally underused him and were still delighted by the results he produced.

Jamie Jones

Leakage and Smart Networks Manager

I found the VPC incredibly valuable, and having an external facilitator in yourself very useful in allowing me to look at things in a different way.

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