Lean Product, Service and UX Coaching

Work together, learn together

Grow togther.

We love helping teams, individuals and leaders grow and thrive.

Coach, mentor, sounding board, critical friend - whatever you want to call it, everyone needs some support sometimes.

Whether it's figuring out where your role starts and stops, how to grow trust in your team or organisation, how to get a tricky set of senior stakeholders onside or anything else, we're here to help.

We love seeing people grow, feel capable, empowered and enthused to learn more, or be better. It makes us happy!

We think of coaching as analagous to pair programming. Having a navigator applying a second brain, another perspective and diversity of experience invariably gives a more rounded view and generates a wider set of ideas and approaches to consider.

We believe in embracing, enhancing and celebrating the diversity of thinking, needs and approaches that make groups more than the sum of their parts. Not everyone wants to lead, or give talks in public, or speak up in a group. Not everyone can give an answer on the spot. Not everyone likes to write, and that's OK.

While it is important to help people embrace skills they require, we always look to find ways to empower people and to utilise their unique set of skills to communicate and achieve results in ways that suit both them and their colleagues.

We coach teams and individuals in:

  • Agile/Lean/Lean UX
  • Experimentation
  • Product & Service Design
  • Product Management
  • Planning & Strategy
  • Team Dynamics
  • Communication
  • Personal/Career Development
Rob Calvert

Rob Calvert

Product Leader, Advisor and Coach

I hired Spencer as a Lean Product coach and consultant. He has a fantastic, deep understanding of Lean principles and product development as a whole.

That's a great thing to draw on in itself, but when combined with years of experience - and being an all-round good chap - it's a combination that is a huge benefit to any individualĀ or organisation.

Alan Gardener

Alan Gardner

Engineering Principal

I worked closely with Spencer for almost five years in both delivery and management roles, and would not hesitate to do so again.

He has been a mentor to me over the years, and I never cease to learn from him. He is the person I turn to first when seeking advice, especially when it comes to stakeholder management, team dynamics, sustainable pace, or the delivery of lean products and services.

Rebekah Parekh

Rebekah Parekh

Product Specialist

Spencer was initially brought in to provide UX and discovery coaching for our product team. Throughout these sessions, Spencer excellently managed our group, facilitating in a way that gave all members the chance to contribute. Spencer was able to identify opportunities for individuals to develop their skills and took the time to recommend additional resources.

We used the sessions with Spencer to guide us through a real discovery project we were undertaking. This approach proved to be very successful as Spencer was able to demonstrate different techniques and show us how to apply these in a way that felt tangible. As a result of these sessions, there is a growing enthusiasm in the team for our product and what we may be able to achieve.

Nikhil Vihayan

Nikhil Vijayan

Software Engineer

I owe Spencer a lot! We first met at a UX meetup in London and we only spoke for a couple of minutes about books he'd recommend. This has since led to a 3+ year old mentor-mentee relationship.

He has always answered my questions (technical or otherwise) patiently, with the perfect resource or recommendation.

It's easy to second guess yourself when you feel overwhelmed - his advice has honestly been one of the most invaluable things for my career.

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