Why Work With Us?

We help teams improve.

Product & Service Design, Lean, UX, Product Management and Agile.

We bring experience of design, data, lean & lean UX, agile, software development, 'principalling' at international product innovation consultancies, running consultancies and representing product/design as part of the C-suite.

This breadth of experience allows us to engage with all sectors of a business at whichever level is needed. We speak the shared languages of these domains and have experienced their pain points, which helps us to break down silos, and earn trust quickly and with honesty.

Bring product and service design thinking to a government supported financial advice organisation

We worked across many projects for multiple years running discovery, definition and planning workshops, bringing together disparate internal departments, subject matter experts and external agencies to gain a shared understanding of what we were trying to solve, for whom, and why.

We continuted to support the organisation around planning and product management, UCD, lean product testing and agile practices to deliver accurate useful products and services.

Improve quarterly planning, strategic alignment and progress check-ins for a global delivery company.

We designed and ran a series of workshops and activity sessions to make sharing context, planning work and tracking progress fun and engaging.

Coaching across product and technical functions, we collaboratively evolved how work was framed, captured, planned and tracked. By focusing on the value to be delivered we enhanced shared understanding, improved communication and reduced unnecessary meetings.

Identify and test new market opportunities for a global outdoor sports brand.

We designed and delivered a kick-off workshop workshop with department heads and an existing app supplier to estabish the desired outcomes of the project and hypotheses to test.

We undertook customer development research over the next month, synthesised and analysed the outputs and reported back the learnings, highlighting opportunities we'd identified.

Define and product manage a fast turn-around MVP Javascript IDE for a Swedish IoT hardware manufacturer.

We travelled to Sweden and worked onsite with management, the technical team and product managers to ensure we constrained scope and clearly define what success looked like, building alignment and trust.

This allowed the team to deliver a releasable javascript IDE system integration in a few weeks that the client had believed might take many months if it was even possible.

Bring together operationally opposed departments and functions in a challenger bank and insurer to define and agree a company wide digital strategy.

We designed and facilitated a series of workshops to regain trust and understanding across teams. We helped break down silos, with activities designed to bring quirkiness and humanity to the rest of our work.

Having established rapport, we helped frame outcomes and create an overarching focus and delivery strategy and prioritise upcoming work.

Apply a lean approach to product and service discovery and definition for a Scottish government related organisation.

As part of an extended digital transformation engagement involving wholesale culture shift, we worked with stakeholders across the business from C-Suite to developers, to frontline staff to discover, define and visualise the current state of play, a future desired state and the hurdles we might face in getting there.

The visualisations were used to frame the problems and solutions for the C-Suite and gain alignment around priorities and subsequently as framing for internal kick off workshops for each project.

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